20 Jul

Association Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President Mark Johnson at 10:00 a.m. Next meeting date is  August 24

Minutes were accepted. Available online.

Treasurers report – No change from last month.

Old Business

Township trail – Doug Dressen will mow the trail on Tuesday, July 23. Judy and Lee will assist.   Talk of putting wood chips on the trail for a more permanent fix. Also spray the weeds to get back to the original trail surface.

Public access – State DNR still has a full access planned for Pequaywan Lake. We should push for a carry down access. Send letters in support of a carry down access and handicapped accessible fishing pier, which would limit the exposure to invasive species that a boat launch would present, to DNR and copy Sen. Tom Baak and Commissioner Paul McDonald.

Contact information:

Kent Skaar
MN DNR Parks and Trails
500 Layfayette  Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Senator Tom Bakk
95 University Avenue W.
Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 2221
St. Paul, MN 55155
email form

Commissioner Paul McDonald
St. Louis County Service Center
320 Miners Drive E
Ely, MN 55731

There will be a listening session with Commissioner Paul McDonald at Hugo’s Bar, Wednesday July 24, at 6 pm. Bring your concerns and also get to know your commissioner.

New Business

A motion was approved to once again join Minnesota Lake and River.

Loon report – One baby spotted on Pequaywan Lake. A group of six loons together was observed by some of our lake people. A recent report stated that loons have been dying from the West Nile Virus. If you find any dead loons, contact the DNR.

Lake clarity – Pequaywan – 10’. Little Pequaywan – 17’.

Suggestion – Provide a copy of the lake regulations to all of the new property owners.

The program speakers for the August 24 meeting will be a representative from Coop Light and Power presenting information on stored power, i.e., wind and solar power.

Annual LA picnic will be at the Pequaywan Inn on September 7. The luncheon meal will be similar to last year with two free tickets for each membership and $6.99 for additional tickets.

VRBO – Owners have been willing to make changes and updates to their rental policies to attempt to cut down on disruptions.  Mark plans to set up a meeting with the VRBO owners on August 3, 10 a.m. at the Fire Hall to exchange ideas. A comprehensive plan was discussed which could cover some of the gray areas in renting. St. Louis County is working on rental regulations for the county, including permitting and changes in property tax classifications. 

A citizen pointed out that boats have been brought to Pequaywan Lake from the “outside”. The people who let them onto the lake should be reminded of the AIS danger involved in transferring boats to other lakes.

Pancake breakfast – PLVFD had another great pancake breakfast. The Wood Chix bake sale proceeds were donated to the PLVFD.

Recycling – The subject of having a Pequaywan recycling center was discussed. In the past this was investigated and it was found to be cost prohibitive. Most of the local people use the North Star recycling center. A comment was made that groups of people could combine loads to North Star to cut down on the driving.

North Star recycling is open from 9 a.m. to Noon. Other area drop off locations can be found at https://wlssd.com/services/recycling/drop-off-instructions/

The treat coordinator is Becky Larsen. Contact Becky to volunteer for treats at the next meeting. Treats for this meeting were donated by the Wood Chix left over from the bake sale.

Meeting adjourned at 11:02 a.m.

Scott Mead, Substitute secretary for the substitute secretary

22 Jun

Association Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2019

Meeting called to order by President Mark Johnson at 10:02. Next Meeting Dates: 7/20/2019 and  8/24/2019.

May minutes were accepted    Available online

Treasurer’s report: Income from dues (to date) $570 and a $10 donation. Expenses $135.45. Cash on hand $17,082.43. We have 71 members to date


Township land   —  500 trees were planted by volunteers. Bench acknowledging land contribution by John Wilson’s parents was placed. John also planted an Ash tree near the bench.  Picnic table to be completed as a Boy Scout Project. IT will be constructed along walking trail  south of original entrance.  Possibly we may get assistance to improve driveway from County.  Steve Nelson from County still working on coming out  to evaluate our eligibility.

Lake access —   No new information on DNR plans. There was a brief discussion on whether we should advocate for a (only) handicapped accessible fishing pier.


There are Loons on both lakes, but no young ones spotted.

Clarity Report — Big Pequaywan  —  8.5 feet.  Little Pequaywan  — 16 feet

Possible future programs for meetings:  Wind power and solar power.  CLP has information on stored power.

Summer Events —   Discussion on a picnic at the Inn similar to last year’s. Volunteers are needed for planning and  crafts and vendors. It was also suggested that the event include a walk on the trail on township land.

Rental Properties —  A task force of property owners who rent their cabins and neighbors is being formed to attempt to facilitate cooperation between the two groups. St. Louis County is looking into what regulations and zoning should be implemented regarding this issue.

4th of July Fireworks —  Discussion on asking folks to be considerate in ending fireworks at an appropriate time in the evening.

Burning Area– A burning area is still needed.  It was suggested that the Lake Association contact the County Commissioner regarding the need.

Hazard Buoys— Paul Klassen requested purchase of light chain and weights to replace the ropes securing the buoys as they come loose. Motion was made and seconded to spend up to $200.

Contact Becky Larson to contribute meeting treats. Meeting adjourned at 10:47

Submitted by Doug Dressen, substituting for Secretary Bonnie Dressen.

25 May

Association Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2019

Secretary Report: Minutes from last August’s meeting are available online.

Treasurer:  This year, dues can be paid online at http://pequaywanlakes.com/lake-association-annual-dues-payment/

Last year the Association took in $1,445 in dues and spent $1,894.71, mostly on the Summer Picnic at the Inn ($615). Other expenses include a $300 donation to the Fire Department and $382.69 for buoys, leaving the Association with a balance at the end of 2018 of $16, 637.88.

Old Business

Township Land:   Walking trails have been developed. View map of the trails.  500 trees were ordered and are being planted by volunteers. A covered picnic table will be made by an Eagle Scout as a project. Work  begins in June and will be completed in August. John Wilson is also installing a bench in honor of his father.

New Business

Lake DNR Access:  No plans for development this year.  In early 2020  the DNR will  be reviewing options and a plan may be developed. If cabin owners wish to express their concerns about this and the potential  for the introductions of invasive species, DNR contact is Kent Skaar, MN DNR Parks and Trails, 500 Layfayette Rd, St.Paul, MN  55155.
His email is   kent.skarr@state.mn.us.  Our requested access type should be only “carry in.”

Loon Report: The DNR Loon Watch Survey will not be continued this year. Program objectives will be reevaluated and possibly restarted. Loons have been spotted on both lakes, please don’t get too close and  caution others who may be disturbing loons on our lakes.

Road Clean Up : Thanks to Becky Larsen, Kim Hand, Tim Jungers, Phyllis Mead who have picked up trash along #44 this spring.

Lake Clarity:  Scott Mead reported 8 feet on Big Pequaywan, no report on little lake

Lake Bouys: Thanks to Paul and Lisa Klassen for putting out the buoys on the Big Lake.

Summer Event: Discussion was held whether there should be a summer picnic this summer. No decision was made and discussion will continue at future meetings.

Rental Units : There was much discussion on the concerns of  property owners adjacent to these rentals and problems, especially concerning noise.  Rental property owners present  agreed to formulate more stringent rules for their rentals. A task force of neighbors and rental owners is being formed to try to find solutions to this issue. This is also something that the county is looking at.

You can post a complaint about renters at https://homeaway.secure.force.com/helpcenter/StayNeighborly

Dumpster: There was a discussion as to whether the Association should rent a dumpster again this summer for use by members. So far there is not much interest. The cost of doing this three years ago was $440 with only 13 households using it.

 It was suggested and agreed to rejoin the MN Lakes and Rivers organization this year.

Thanks to Phyllis Mead who provided treats for the meeting. Becky Larsen has agreed to continue as coordinator for treats at Association meetings. Please contact Becky if you are willing to help supply treats.  Future Meetings will be June 22, July 20 and  Aug 24.

Respectfully submitted: Bonnie Dressen, Secretary

11 Aug

Association Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Bob McDonough, substituting for President Phyllis Mead.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance of July 4, $17,372.88. $350 in expenses for $300 donation to Pequaywan Fire Department and $50 to Ron Sluka for mowing. $160 in income.  Balance then is $17,182.88

Old Business

Summer’s End Gathering will be Saturday, Sept. 1 at the Pequaywan Inn from Noon to 3 p.m.  Association members will receive two tickets per family for free lunch. Cost otherwise will be $6.99. Other activities will include face painting and bubbles for kids and free ice cream bars/sandwiches. Hopefully music and vendors from  the Brimson Farmers Market. At 3 p.m., there will be a Walk in the Wild in the new walking path on the township land.

Bush Burn Pit: We are hoping to be able to return to the gravel pit at the south end of the Big Lake once the area is cleared of road construction vehicles In the meantime, we are talking to the county about other alternative spots.

Joe Miller reported on the DNR proposed public access on the Big Lake. At the current time, there are no plans or funds dedicated for this. Joe suggested that folks write a letter to the DNR, stressing the points that our two lakes are currently free of invasive species and a public access would certainly change that, endangering the purity of our lakes. Our preference is for a walk-in access with canoes or kayaks and a fishing pier for those who do not have boats. In addition, since the Big Lake was a logging area in the late 1800s, there are underwater hazards for unfamiliar boaters. Contact for letters is: Kent Skaar, MN DNR Parks and Trails, 500 Layfayette  Rd., St. Paul, MN 55155. kent.skaar@state.mn.us

New  Business:

Lake clarity on the Big Lake was 9.5 feet. No report on the Little Lake.

Loons: Big Lake has 3 baby lakes. One baby loon has been spotted on the Little Lake.

Township Land: Next task force meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 7 p.m. at the Fire Hall. Gordy Larsen gave a report on the various projects. The walking path is being worked on with rocks and roots removed. Dick Arndt is building benches that will be placed along the path, An interim step to a community building center may be an open air pavilion/picnic area.

Election of officers. Mark Johnson was elected president. Carol Nelson treasurer. Bonnie Dressen secretary, Judith Strom vice president, Phyllis Mead Big Lake representative and Kathy King Little Lake representative.

Special thanks to Phyllis and Jim Guldseth, president and treasurer, respectively, for their many years of service to the Association. Thanks also to Kathy Sluka and Jan Kolehemain who were the two outgoing lake representatives. Motion made and carried to have complimentary dues for Phyllis and Jim in recognition of their service.

There will be no meeting in September due to the Sept. 1 event.

Thanks to Becky Larsen for today’s treats.

Program on aquatic plants by Carol Johnston,

Bonnie Dressen, substitute secretary.


14 Jul

Association Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by Vice President Judy Strom, who was substituting for President Phyllis Mead, with approximately 23 in attendance.

Secretary report has been posted on the website and available at the meeting.  Motion made and seconded to approve minutes.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: As of June 9 , 2018,  the balance was $17,371.82. Income has been $230 in dues.  Expenses of $328.94  for Mn Rivers membership, speakers, and Paul Klassen for buoys.  As of July 14, 2018, the balance is $17,372.88.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Clarity on Big Lake has been 13, 10 and 11.5 feet.  Little Lake was 17 feet in July.

Motion was made, seconded and motion carried to donate $300 to the Pequaywan Fire Department.

One loon baby has been sighted on the Big Lake and no sighting of baby loons on the Little Lake.

Motion was made, seconded and  carried to reimburse $50 in gas money to Ron Sluka for the moving he does around the township signs. 

At the annual meeting at the next Association’s meeting, Aug. 11, there will be elections for president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The current president and treasurer will not be running for re-election and the secretary’s position is still open from last year’s election. That position would expire next year. The other terms are for two years,

Judy Strom has agreed to continue as a vice president so that there is a current officer on the board. Please consider becoming a board member.  It is unknown what will happen if no one comes forward to help contribute to this valuable community service. Strom will continue to maintain the website and other communications, so that will not be a task asked to be taken on by a new officer.

Township Land Development: In 1964, Al Wilson, a local developer, sold a piece of property to the Pequaywan Lake Association to make the land available to the citizens of Pequaywan. The Pequaywan Lakes Association, which predated the organized township, later transferred the land to the township. This 34-acre plot lies near the corner of Rossini Road and Pequaywan Lake Road. The address is 8914 Pequaywan Lake Road.

Last year the plot was logged with the plan to preserve the standing pines and healthy hardwoods. This year, the township plans to control the new aspen growth with a spray treatment and next year to replant some open areas.

Recognizing the potential for the community to develop this property fitting the original vision of citizen use, a group has formed. Any improvements possible here will only serve to increase the living quality for our residents, year round and seasonal.

The group has met twice to share dreams and check into reality for this spot. This year’s goals are to move the access road, which sits near a curve on Pequaywan Road, to a better location for safety considerations. More tantalizing is the creation of a walking path, to be around a mile in length. The township is funding the culvert, dirt, and log moving necessary for these improvements. Volunteers are ready to pitch in when the initial preparations are done.  

If you are interested and/or have talents to share, please join in the planning and volunteering. The town board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at the meeting room behind the fire hall.  The planning task force has a tentative meeting set for July 24 at 10 AM at that same location.

Contact people are:

Gordy Larsen, 848-8010
Judith Strom (walking path)  jstrom@pequaywanlakes.com

Township Supervisors
Donald Swanstrom,  don@donswanstrom.com 
Chuck Kuettel, chucklesd2@aol.com   
Scott Mead, scottphyllismead@gmail.com

The preparation work on the trail and the culvert was done as the County has agreed to pave the new driveway if a culvert and the necessary leveling is done when they black top crew is in that area.  Any residents, including those in the unorganized area, are welcome  to join the planning committee. Evening meetings are being considered to make it possible for those not able to attend daytime meetings.

Summer Event: Discussion was held on whether to have a summer event this year. The group felt it should continue and have changed the date to Saturday,  Sept. 1, and the name to Summer’s End Gathering. Arrangements have to be finalized with Nancy Peterson at the Pequaywan Inn to see if this date works for her. Hours would be 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vendors will be advised of the new date to encourage them to come, and local music talent will be asked to perform. Motion was made and seconded that the Lake association would pay for 2 tickets per family with the goal of the price being $6.00 and the Association would provide ice cream. Motion carried.

Thank you to Becky Larsen, and Marilyn Guldseth for the treat today.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50

Submitted by: Marialice Arndt, Substitute Secretary

09 Jun

Association Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. with approximately 23 in attendance.

Secretary report  from the previous meeting is posted on the website.

Treasurer’s report: As of Sept 2, 2017, the balance was $17,197.59. Income has been $925 in dues. Expenses of $750.77  — gas reimbursement to Ron Sluka of $50, Pequaywan Inn $100 for Summer Celebration, Judy Strom $84.69 for website, Paul Klassen of $257.88 for buoys, Strom $90.28 for newsletter, and $167.92 to Meads for supplies.  As of June 9, 2018, the balance is $17,371.18.

Jim Guldseth and Lee Kaplan will check out the possibility of placing these funds in an account that would pay some interest.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.

There will be no brush days this year as the County will be using the gravel pit for supplies and equipment related to road construction.

Volunteers are needed for Green Team to maintain the township sign and the Pequaywan Lakes sign.  Clean up in the spring and maintenance about once more in the summer. Please contact Phyllis Mead if interested.

Thanks for Paul Klassen for volunteering to place  and remove the buoys in the Big Lake. Ron Sulka has volunteered to do the same in the Little Lake.  If you find a loose buoy,please tie to your dock and it will be retrieved and placed where it should be.  Also thanks to Richard Arndt, Scott Mead and Paul Klassen for this spring’s placement of the buoys  As the amount allowed for new buoys was not all spent it was motioned and seconded for four more buoys to be purchased, three for the Big Lake (as needed and to replace less visible white ones) and one for the Little Lake to mark shallow water areas.

Becky Larsen will coordinate refreshment for the upcoming meetings.  Please contact her if you are willing to donate on a particular date.  Thank you for today’s volunteers Becky Larsen and Kathy Sluka.

There will be elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary at the August Lake Association.  The current board has made known that they will not be seeking reelection so please consider becoming a board member.  It is unknown what will happen if no one comes forward to help contribute to this valuable community service. Judy Strom will continue to maintain the website  and other communications for the Association so that will not be a task asked to be taken on be a new member.

The 34 township acres has been logged and plans for the future are being discussed.  With the road construction, it is possible that the county will move the entrance to the land further north from the existing one.  A planning/discussion meeting will be held July 10 at the fire hall. Anyone interested to add their input to this project is welcome.  The meeting will be placed on the website. Initially walking trails will be designed, with thoughts of community gardens, park benches, community center to be designed and grants applied for.  Thoughts are that this would be considered a park for the entire community to enjoy. A proposed name would be Pequaywan Nature Park.

There has been a sighting of a few loons but no babies yet.  Clarity on Big Lake is at 10’ and on the Little Lake 17’.

Whether the summer celebration will be held is still undecided.  The date of July 21st has been set. No volunteers has come forward to plan another 5K but the Association would consider other plans to gather the community together.  Any ideas or to volunteer please contact Phyllis Mead.

Carol Johnson will provide the August program on aquatic life and a speaker is needed for the September meeting.

A motion was made and seconded to send membership fees of $150.00 to MN River and Lakes.

Pequaywan Fire Department Pancake Breakfast will be held July 8th from 8:00 until noon.  Chief Dale Brooks advised that a FEMA Grant of $273,000 was awarded to Pequaywan Fire Department for purchase of a new truck called Rescue 1.  

Meeting adjourned at at 10:40

Submitted by
Marialice Arndt, Temporary Secretary

12 May

Association Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2018

Meeting was called to order by president Phyllis Mead. Treasurer was not present. Temporary secretary took notes. Remembrance of long time members Arne Peterson and Cameron Johnson who have passed away.

Officers: Need secretary now and new officers will be elected in August. Mead and Strom have noted they will not run for reelection

Road pickup has been completed by Becky Larsen and Meads

No brush days this summer as the county have revoked our agreement to use Gravel (Wet Lake) Pit for a burning site. It was suggested that Jeff Jackson might have some influence on future use of the pit. The pit will be used as a staging site for materials and equipment needed for the road construction on Hwy 44. DNR should be contacted to be advised about permits for burning.

There will be ongoing water clarity testing on both lakes with the help of Dale Brooks and the Meads. Emily Nelson, of lake county SWCD, will be doing additional sampling monthly on the Big Lake and will report her finding at the July 14th meeting among other topics she will address.

There is a need for volunteers to be “green team” to do spring and fall clean up at the two township signs, one the corner of W. Branch Rd and on Pequaywan Lake Road. This will be discussed again in June when attendance hopefully will be greater.

The public access on Pequayan Lake does not have budget funds for 2018-2019 seasons. It is still a priority for the 2020 year with planning to involve the locals. Our representative, Tom Bach, seems favorable to ideas other than the traditional access so it would be advantageous to call/write to him. A fishing peer, walk in access, canoes and kayaks would allow all to have access to the lake without jeopardizing water quality. Pequaywan has been sited as an outstanding classification. A letter by Mitchell Miller was read that outlined many valid points of why we should continue to be proactive in the planning of the public access.

Meads attended an aquatic invasive summit in February which was sponsored by Mn Lakes and Rivers organization

There was no immediate interest in pursuing possible walleye stocking in the lakes. Perhaps to be discussed after the DNR has established their plan for the public access.

Members are asked to help out with future planning for the Township property. Once a plan has been developed there is a need for volunteers to develop trails, tree planting etc.
This would be the year to consider spraying to curtail poplar trees and to plant in year 2019. Approximate $75 per acre for spraying to contain poplar sapling growth,  which would be at the township expense.

Summer Celebration tentatively scheduled for July 21. Commitments are needed to fill the duties needed to make this happen. A chairperson to pull this together would need to be named very soon. Lita Wallace has volunteers to notify vendors.

New residents are welcome and we would encourage everyone to invite them to become involved with neighborhood activities.

June 9 meeting with have a program by Linda Bergstrom on CRP and medical emergencies. No programs planned yet for Aug and Sept.

A motion was made, amended and seconded to purchase five  new buoys at a cost up to $500 as a test to provide a more visual notice to hazardous rocks, etc., on the Big Lake. Also there will be reflective tape added to existing buoys. Member Paul Klassen and his wife have volunteered to put them out in the spring and take them out in the fall.

Thanks to Becky Larsen for the treats.

Respectively submitted
Substitute Secretary Marialice Arndt

03 Sep

Association Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Phyllis Mead.

Secretary Report was not available because no one has volunteered to fill this much needed position.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Guldseth reported our balance presently is $17,197.59. Membership count is 116 households. A motion was made by Carol Johnston with a second by Scott Mead followed by an affirmative vote to accept the report.

Old Business

Owners of rental properties responses: Scott Mead related response of Tony Shoberg who indicated no outside boats have been brought in as they have 2 canoes and 2 kayaks. Jim Crace addressed the group, advising that his renters have not been allowed to bring in boats from the outside. A pontoon boat is available for their use. He plans to continue this practice. We have not heard back from Dan Mullins who rents his place on Little Pequaywan.

New Business

Public Access: Nothing new to report on current accesses and conditions. Discussion indicated it is always a possibility but a general feeling that nothing will be done in the near future.

Next Year’s Program Suggestions:

  • CPR training-Ray Barnes provided a contact but a return call has not been received.
  • Terrestrial Invasive Species- Concerns of spotted knapweed and tanzy
  • Well water concerns-radon, lead, etc.
  • Aquatic weeds
  • Shoreline erosion
  • Aquatic vegetation- Carol Johnson advised of it being a part of a diverse ecosystem. A program possibility.

Brush Day: Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Water Clarity Report: Scott Mead stated the big lake has 8 feet currently. Whereas 10 years ago, it varied between 12 and 15 ft. The Little Lake has a history of greater depth and clarity. Temperatures currently are not measured.

Road Pick Up: Volunteers needed for Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Meet at the Fire Station at 9 a.m. for rolls and coffee. East Shore to Rossini pick up has been completed by Becky Larsen. We will finish the pickup route along #44 on Wed..

Loon report: 4 adults and 3 babies on the Big Lake.. Currently making a lot of musical noise.

Discussion was held on whether to hold another Summer Celebration in 2018 similar to the one held in July,

Nice to see so many walkers. Enjoyed the wooded area
Footprint for future plan is in place
Enjoyed the music
Free in addition to prizes
The Pequaywan Inn appreciated serving 81 meals
Worked through the permit process & liability insurance
Vendors were appreciated
Timing of the 3rd weekend in July was excellent
Fire Department and EMT presence a plus
Possibility in future to include involvement of local artists

Planners worked very hard
Volunteers worked very hard and we heartily thank them
Future Events
More pre-planning
Need more volunteers if event is to happen

Other Discussions:

  • DNR indicated a Smokey the Bear Sign will be posted.
  • Road work scheduled between Briar Lake and Rossini Rd in 2018 according to St. Louis County.
  • The county moving of roadside grass along #44 may be minimal this year due to concern for bee habitat and survival
  • Minnesota concerns over edibility of fish from our lakes
  • Boat and dock removal service is available as a school fundraiser for grandson of Mary Pylka. Call 848-2757 to get on the list to have him and his father remove your dock and boat lift.

Motion by Dick Arndt seconded by Scott Mead to donate $300 to the Pequaywan Fire Department.

Thank you to Ron Sluka for mowing. A $50 gas reimbursement will be sent to Ron, Thanks for refreshments by Becky.

Meeting adjourned by President.

Respectfully submitted,
Carole Trotter, substituting for a secretary.

12 Aug

Association Meeting Minutes

Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 by President Phyllis Mead. Approximately 20 members were present.

Secretary minutes were available for review. Motion was made and seconded to approved July minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer Jim Gusset left report that was read that the July balance was $18,402.92 There was expenses of $2,190.40 for summer celebration which includes the purchase of a canopy/tent. Today’s balance is $17,139.59 Motion was made and seconded to approve treasurer’s report.

Old Business

Summer celebration: Many volunteers contributed to the successful summer skeeter skoot. There were approximately 60 walkers/runners and the Inn served 81 meals.

New Business

Loons: Bonnie Dressen reported that she sighted 4 loons on the Big lake with two babies. 4-5 loons have been sighted on the little lake.

Clarity: Reading for water clarity on the big lake has run between 8 ½ to 9 ½ feet, on the little lake 16 feet.

Brush Day: Brush Day will be held on Saturday September 9th from 9-noon.

Township Matters: The township acreage has been logged by Waste Wood Recyclers. The dying balsam trees had very little value so the result was to simply clear the land of most of the trees. It has been determined that a gates will be installed so vehicles can not enter the property. We would encourage no or other motorized vehicle use as it the near future new seedlings will be planted and such use could damage these new trees.

The township is working with the County to enlarge the area on West Branch Road for turnaround for County snow plowing. The County has plans to resurface County 44 and 256 in 2018.

Letter sent by Association and Town board to owners who rent out property regarding aquatic invasive species

Letters have been mailed to 4 property owners that are known to provide rental property. It encourages them to attend township and/or lake association meeting to discuss their allowing renters to bring in their own boats (thus the possible introduction of AIS into our lake). The township has no legal authority to enforce this but would encourage them to protect our lake and their and our property values.

Motion was made and approved for Bob McDonough to remain I Vice President for the next two years. As there was no nominations for the secretary position held by Marialice, the position is now open. If there is no nominations by the September meeting the result may be that there will no longer recorded minutes of the meetings If you are not sure of being able to each meeting, consider asking someone to take notes for you.

As President Phyllis Mead, and Vice President Judy Strom are considering not running for re-election next year, we would encourage all of the lake association members to consider running for those positions next August. We currently have 114 members.

Discussion was also held about the desire to have a town hall built and members will encourage further talks to see if there could be some interest in this. Also Smoky the Bear sign has been requested by a member to replace the one that was disappeared a number of years ago.

Thanks to Becky Larsen and Mary Ellen Wade for the treats.
Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 10:45. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marialice Arndt, Secretary

08 Jul

Association Meeting Minutes

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Phyllis Mead. Approximately 17 members were present.

Secretary minutes were read for approval. Motion made and seconded to approved June minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer Jim Guldseth reported that the Association’s balance was $18,947.87. There has been income of $110 in dues and expenses of $654.94 for the tent canopy and insurance for the Summer Celebration, Today’s balance is $18,402.92. Motion was made and seconded to approve treasurer’s report. Dues are $10 per household.

New Business

July 22 Summer Celebration: A 5k (3 miles) walk run will start at 10 a.m. Activities behind the Pequaywan inn will begin around noon with music, an ice cream social, ongoing drawings for door prizes and games for kids and adults. The Inn is working on a special menu for that day.

Clarity report: The Big Lake is at 8.5 to 9 feet and the Little Lake at 14 feet.

Loon report: Three loons on the Little Lake and at least one pair with two babies on the Big lake.

Township land: The clearing of dead balsams and other trees have been completed. Large pines and maples were left. It was requested that no motorized vehicles go onto the land as small trees will be planted.

Annual meeting: The next Association meeting on Aug. 12 will be the annual meeting. A director representing the Little Lake and secretary positions will be up for election. Scott Gronseth of Pequaywan Lake First Responders will be presenting the informational program.

Renters: A lake resident expressed concerned about those who are renting their cabins out and allowing renters to launch their boats. These boats could be bringing invasive species into our lakes and endangering the quality of our lakes, which are currently free of such AIS now. Such practices are discouraged or at the very least, rental owners are asked to make sure the rental boats have been out of the water for more than a week and are thoroughly clean. Property values can be substantially lowered if lakes become infested as well as infestations negatively affecting boating, fishing and swimming.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 11:00. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
J .Strom, substituting for Marialice Arndt, Secretary