Association Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President Mark Johnson at 10:00 a.m. Next meeting date is  August 24

Minutes were accepted. Available online.

Treasurers report – No change from last month.

Old Business

Township trail – Doug Dressen will mow the trail on Tuesday, July 23. Judy and Lee will assist.   Talk of putting wood chips on the trail for a more permanent fix. Also spray the weeds to get back to the original trail surface.

Public access – State DNR still has a full access planned for Pequaywan Lake. We should push for a carry down access. Send letters in support of a carry down access and handicapped accessible fishing pier, which would limit the exposure to invasive species that a boat launch would present, to DNR and copy Sen. Tom Baak and Commissioner Paul McDonald.

Contact information:

Kent Skaar
MN DNR Parks and Trails
500 Layfayette  Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Senator Tom Bakk
95 University Avenue W.
Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 2221
St. Paul, MN 55155
email form

Commissioner Paul McDonald
St. Louis County Service Center
320 Miners Drive E
Ely, MN 55731

There will be a listening session with Commissioner Paul McDonald at Hugo’s Bar, Wednesday July 24, at 6 pm. Bring your concerns and also get to know your commissioner.

New Business

A motion was approved to once again join Minnesota Lake and River.

Loon report – One baby spotted on Pequaywan Lake. A group of six loons together was observed by some of our lake people. A recent report stated that loons have been dying from the West Nile Virus. If you find any dead loons, contact the DNR.

Lake clarity – Pequaywan – 10’. Little Pequaywan – 17’.

Suggestion – Provide a copy of the lake regulations to all of the new property owners.

The program speakers for the August 24 meeting will be a representative from Coop Light and Power presenting information on stored power, i.e., wind and solar power.

Annual LA picnic will be at the Pequaywan Inn on September 7. The luncheon meal will be similar to last year with two free tickets for each membership and $6.99 for additional tickets.

VRBO – Owners have been willing to make changes and updates to their rental policies to attempt to cut down on disruptions.  Mark plans to set up a meeting with the VRBO owners on August 3, 10 a.m. at the Fire Hall to exchange ideas. A comprehensive plan was discussed which could cover some of the gray areas in renting. St. Louis County is working on rental regulations for the county, including permitting and changes in property tax classifications. 

A citizen pointed out that boats have been brought to Pequaywan Lake from the “outside”. The people who let them onto the lake should be reminded of the AIS danger involved in transferring boats to other lakes.

Pancake breakfast – PLVFD had another great pancake breakfast. The Wood Chix bake sale proceeds were donated to the PLVFD.

Recycling – The subject of having a Pequaywan recycling center was discussed. In the past this was investigated and it was found to be cost prohibitive. Most of the local people use the North Star recycling center. A comment was made that groups of people could combine loads to North Star to cut down on the driving.

North Star recycling is open from 9 a.m. to Noon. Other area drop off locations can be found at

The treat coordinator is Becky Larsen. Contact Becky to volunteer for treats at the next meeting. Treats for this meeting were donated by the Wood Chix left over from the bake sale.

Meeting adjourned at 11:02 a.m.

Scott Mead, Substitute secretary for the substitute secretary