Association Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2019

Secretary Report: Minutes from last August’s meeting are available online.

Treasurer:  This year, dues can be paid online at

Last year the Association took in $1,445 in dues and spent $1,894.71, mostly on the Summer Picnic at the Inn ($615). Other expenses include a $300 donation to the Fire Department and $382.69 for buoys, leaving the Association with a balance at the end of 2018 of $16, 637.88.

Old Business

Township Land:   Walking trails have been developed. View map of the trails.  500 trees were ordered and are being planted by volunteers. A covered picnic table will be made by an Eagle Scout as a project. Work  begins in June and will be completed in August. John Wilson is also installing a bench in honor of his father.

New Business

Lake DNR Access:  No plans for development this year.  In early 2020  the DNR will  be reviewing options and a plan may be developed. If cabin owners wish to express their concerns about this and the potential  for the introductions of invasive species, DNR contact is Kent Skaar, MN DNR Parks and Trails, 500 Layfayette Rd, St.Paul, MN  55155.
His email is  Our requested access type should be only “carry in.”

Loon Report: The DNR Loon Watch Survey will not be continued this year. Program objectives will be reevaluated and possibly restarted. Loons have been spotted on both lakes, please don’t get too close and  caution others who may be disturbing loons on our lakes.

Road Clean Up : Thanks to Becky Larsen, Kim Hand, Tim Jungers, Phyllis Mead who have picked up trash along #44 this spring.

Lake Clarity:  Scott Mead reported 8 feet on Big Pequaywan, no report on little lake

Lake Bouys: Thanks to Paul and Lisa Klassen for putting out the buoys on the Big Lake.

Summer Event: Discussion was held whether there should be a summer picnic this summer. No decision was made and discussion will continue at future meetings.

Rental Units : There was much discussion on the concerns of  property owners adjacent to these rentals and problems, especially concerning noise.  Rental property owners present  agreed to formulate more stringent rules for their rentals. A task force of neighbors and rental owners is being formed to try to find solutions to this issue. This is also something that the county is looking at.

You can post a complaint about renters at

Dumpster: There was a discussion as to whether the Association should rent a dumpster again this summer for use by members. So far there is not much interest. The cost of doing this three years ago was $440 with only 13 households using it.

 It was suggested and agreed to rejoin the MN Lakes and Rivers organization this year.

Thanks to Phyllis Mead who provided treats for the meeting. Becky Larsen has agreed to continue as coordinator for treats at Association meetings. Please contact Becky if you are willing to help supply treats.  Future Meetings will be June 22, July 20 and  Aug 24.

Respectfully submitted: Bonnie Dressen, Secretary