Zoning and Permits

St. Louis County is responsible for the zoning and permits in this area.

Before you start any project, especially if you are building or adding an addition or doing shoreline work, it is a good idea to check with the county as to their regulations and restrictions. This can save you not only a possible fine but the hassle of having to undo your work.

Property Boundaries

Know your lot boundaries and dimensions prior to building on your lot. Parcel boundaries are critical on lakeshore areas. Many of the lots on our two lakes are less than 150 feet wide so they are considered uncomforming lots and have restrictions as what can be done on them.

A non-conforming lot of record is one that has been lawfully created and recorded prior to February 16, 1993 that no longer meets the acreage and width requirements.

Land Use Permits

Land Use permits are required if you alter the parcel in any way, including but not limited to, erecting, constructing,reconstructing, moving, or altering a structure.

For permit information, contact

St. Louis County
Planning and Community Development
Duluth: (218)725-5000