Shoreline Regulations

This is a place where people choose to live and have cabins because of our beautiful lakes and because the environment is so very inviting. Perhaps this is the reason why so many lake lot owners take great care with this resource we all share. In many cases, very little has been done to alter the shoreline; many places have reserved the natural vegetation, and the stewardship for these lakes is evident.

The DNR, State and St.Loui's County all have regulations aimed at protecting the quality of our lakes. Generally the requirements concern how far back from the lake you can build (100 feet), how much alteration you can make to your shoreline, and what activities are permissible within the 75-foot shore impact zone. The goal is to minimize erosions and other activities that can cause lake pollution.

Links to county and state guides and regulations are on the right.

St. Louis County regulates land alteration within 300 feet of lakes and rivers.It is smart to check with the county before undertaking any major project to make sure you do not incur fines or have to undo your work. This includes putting any roads down to the lake.

Removal of vegetation is also regulated. The regulations permit the removal of diseased and storm damaged trees as well as removal of up to only twenty-five percent (25%) of the vegetation provided it is not a solid block of trees.

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