Pequaywan Lakes Association: 2017 Members

Richard and Marialice Arndt
Dave and Betsy Bartel
Jorgen and Meghan Booker
Dale and Marie Brooks
Tom and Kimberly Carlson
Mike and Deb Clingman
James and Karen Copt
Jim Crace
Jerry and Wanda Demeo
Bonne and Doug Dressen
Kathleen Dwan
Tom and Tommeye Easty
Craig and Barb Ellingsen
Wendy Falk and Linda Olson
Janella and Adam Fesenmaier
Ron and Patty Folkestad
Jeff Galarneau
Lori Gherna
Ted and Barb Granquist
Scott and Mary Gronseth
Jim and Marilyn Guldseth
Jackes Hacking
David and Steve Hamilton
Kim Hand and Tim Jungers
Al and Peggy Hanson
Shaun and Sally Hendrickson
Kathleen Hollander and Rodney Johnson
John Holman
Thomas Jackson
Larry and Sue Jentoft
Cam and Betty Johnson
Diane Johnson
Mark and Lin Johnson
Mitch and Vicki Johnson
Richard and Judy Johnson
Carol Johnston
Stephen Jones and Stephanie Baker
Mildred Kallio
Paul and Lisa Klassen
Jan and Kay Kolehmainen
Steve Kokosh
Ryan and Kim Kreager
Stephen Krmpotich
Carol Kroholm
Chuck Kuettel
Donna Larson
Vaughn and Bekki Larson
Steve and JoAnn LeClair
Carrie Lewis and Renee Roels
Brian and Penny Linn
John and Carol Linstad
Jeff and Debra Maida
Jeff Mammenga
Rolland and Darlene Mammenga
James and Candace Manfred
Joanne Marinac
Janelle and Joe Miller
Kristen and Paul Moyer
Roger and Helen Munson
Doug and Carol Nelson
Glenn and Sandi Nelson
Robert Nelson
Mike and Tanya Nichols
David and Roberta Olafson
David and Debra Olson
Ken and Pat Olson
Steve Olson
Robert Osborn
Tim Pearson
Arne and Phoebe Petersen
Donald Peterson
Kerri and Mary Pylka
Sherri Quist
Tom and Wendy Rectenwald
Chuck Reichert
John and Lori Rich
Patricia and James Rich
Anne and Brian Riddle
Justin and Sonja Riddle
Chris Ringsred
Bill Rosenbush
Joshua Rother
Steven and Alice Running
Grainger Scherer and Jessica Sweeney
William and Lynn Scalzo
William Sharratt
Tony Shoberg
Randy and Joyce Simonson
Ron and Kathy Sluka
Ed and Patti Sodberberg
Lorene Sorlien
Jim and Judy Stewart
Keith Stoneburner
Judith Strom and Lee Kaplan
Tom and Kathy Sykes
Rodney and Julie Teichroew
Lydia Thering
Tim Towberman, Carol Bradbury
Juliann Trevillion
Jeff and Rae Tyllia
Dan and Jen Vevea and families
Bill and Mary Ellen Wade
Frank and Renee Wanner
Bruce Wetherbee
Tom Williams
John and Sandy Wilson



The mission of the Association is to ensure that the waters of Big and Little Pequaywan Lakes and their watershed be maintained and enhanced forever as a beautiful place to live, swim, boat and fish.

The Association envisions a lake system where recreational users are courteous and responsible to each other and where everyone works together for the common good of the community.

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