Invasive species — whether on land or in the water — are serious threats to our environment.

The issue of Aquative Invasive Species (AIS) is of particular concern since th DNR is proposing a public boat access on the Big Lake. These accesses are the primary way that AIS enter lakes.

The Association, Pequaywan Township and area residents have all expressed their strong concern and opposition to the DNR about this proposed access.

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Invasive vegetation is opportunistic and awareness is important. The spotted knapweed is prevalent along County 44 and has been seen along the West Branch Road. Spotted knapweed is poisonous to other plants and spreads rapidly. It is on the MDA Secondary noxious weeds list in Minnesota

The spotted knapweed grows about two to three feet high and has basal leaves that form a rosette the first year from which grow 1 to 20 wiry, hoary, branched stems during the second year. The plant has alternate, grayish, hoary, leaves that divide into lance-shaped lobes decreasing in size at the top. Thistle-like pink to purple flowers sit at the tips of terminal and auxiliary stems and bloom from July through September.

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Continued thoughtful stewardship will keep this area a delightful place in which we and nature can coexist. Share your challenges and concerns with neighbors. We are definitely in this together.